Welcome Letter

The Iranian World Goat Day:


The World Goat Day Symposium(Commemoration, Exhibition and Tourism)will be held in Animal Science Research Institute of Iran, Karaj in collaboration with organizations and departments of Ministry of Jihad Agriculture, and Vice presidential departments such as Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran and Environmental Protection Organization, and International organizations such as International Goat Association(IGA), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in addition to local syndicates and cooperatives for animal production and animal services as well for proper implementation of the program. This is an opportunity for policymakers, investors and scientists to discover the old historical heritage and potential forward in Small Ruminants production in Iran.

In Iran, small ruminants, and specially goats are major sector for animal production providing, meat, milk, cheese, and fiber. They have a vital role in many rural areas and specially the local nomadic tribal regions. Rural, and nomadic cultures are two out of three pillars of our civilization as it is demonstrated that domestication of wild goats was first found in the Zagros Mountains in Gangi Dareh (Iran) around 10000 B.C. Goats have been involved in structuring the socio – economical organizations of the rural small communities in Iran. But like in many other countries they have faced the abandonment of these areas, many people considering these activities too hard, backwards, and with no future. Today, thanks to the recent innovations like digital information and communication technologies and recent advances in nutrition, reproduction and management, pastoralism and sheep and goat production could be again an innovative emerging idea in arid areas. Climate change and global warming could also favor these animals. For many unemployed urban people, going back to villages could be a free of nostalgic considerations solution.

 Iran today, is a country opened to foreign investments and international cooperation. Iran has fantastic opportunities for all companies and services involved in small ruminants and goats from all over the world: equipment, nutrition, genetic selection, development engineering, dairy technologies, trading, agro ecology etc.

We have taken the initiative to organize the International World Goat Day in Iran, on September 18th and 19th, 2017, to welcome you to discover these opportunities in a very pleasant environment including nomadic tents. We are providing a unique exhibition space where you could present your own activities as well as discover the Iranian organizations and companies. During the symposium and workshops, ideas and scientific results will be presented and prospects will be debated.

The program will also include technical presentations and cultural exhibition with an arts and crafts marketplace, a show on the diversity of goat breeds and production systems in Iran, and their contribution in the livelihood of the community. Scientific tours will be organized to discover in real time and on the field by visiting tribal and nomadic areas, moving with the nomads, and visiting areas.

Please register now, and come and visit us! We are happy to have you!