World Goat Day Secretary Speech


Archeological investigations of relics from past civilizations show that links between goats and people and their livelihoods were very close and dependent on each other. Domestication of wild goats was evident first in the Zagros Mountains in Gangi Dareh (Iran) around 10000 B.C.

Livelihood driven by Animal Husbandry as an accessible solution which has been also emphasized by international agricultural policy makers to be suggested sustainability of agricultural development under critical conditions affected by climate change and, water and soil disaster. To support this type of livelihood, pay attention to historical aspects of rural and nomad's communities, and indigenous knowledge and related products can promote and enhance socio-economic values of products substantially.

This program is organized to honor historical values of aanimal husbandry in Iran, domestication of goat, and existence of numerous goat breeds in Iran and the world. Program will include the following:

1- Technical presentations and a livestock and cultural exhibition (Nomads tents and an arts and crafts marketplace).

2- Showcasing different breeds of goats from different regions and states of Iran(According to the socio-economic share of each local breed, and their contribution in livelihood of their community).

3- Organizing scientific tours to visit tribal and nomadic areas, moving with the nomads, and visiting areas .

I would like to emphasize that the importance of small ruminant is not only for their great potential for animal production, but these animals, especially goats, have gained their vital role in local social structure, rehabilitation and development of small communities in villages and nomadic/tribal areas. These are two out of three pillars of our civilization and important to our social structure. I must emphasize again that recognition of this contribution in rehabilitate these two social structures, does not mean independence to new science, but we can use science to improve the livelihood of these communities. Return to village is an interesting idea, but it has been opposed based on two reasons, 1- return to village is considered going backward in civilization, 2- idea of returning to village is free of nostalgic blames and antisocial.

As a part of World Goat Day 2017, we will try to follow animal husbandry experiences and established international systems such as nationally and internationally important agriculture heritage system registry of FAO, and intangible cultural heritage registry of UNESCO. This point of view is necessary to sustain current production levels and to address future market demands for commodities, trade, breeding stocks, employment, recreation and most importantly food security.  Biodiversity of different ecosystems improves survivability, enhances environment and beautification of our natural resources. Understanding the historical importance of goat production in our country, and significance of our agricultural heritage registry, and having the International Goat Day celebration associated with our country name (Iran), and introduction and showcasing our indigenous small ruminant to the world, is an important and historical event. This may encourage investment in improving of our goat breeds, locally, nationally, and internationally. This event will be a remembrance of our historical connection with domestication of goat and its importance in socio-economic development, community development, commodities, trade, employment, and recreation, in our past, present, and future.

Now, with the help of divine grace, and faith to trust teachers and authorities respected convention organizers, I am honored and proud to be selected as World Goat Day Secretary to achieve this prominent distinguished union task and have to be grateful from Organizing committee members, executive committee members, small ruminates keepers and experts, academies, researchers to support secretary office for a successful and tremendous event.

My last but not least appreciation goes to international goat association (IGA) board members particularly, IGA president, and her co-chairs to defense my proposal for World Goat Day accreditation.


Farhad Mirzaei,Ph.D

World Goat Day Secretary